Manufacturer of Tailor chalks, cloth pencils, fabric crayons, textile markers, stamping/lay powders, and disappearing pens for marking textiles.

tailors chalks

Welcome to Carmel's Website! We are a leading manufacturer of clay chalk, tailor crayons, fabric markers, and other textile marking products.

Doing business with integrity has been Carmel's commitment since it was founded by Joey Rashcovsky in 1974. Carmel has grown to be a major producer of tailor's chalks and specialty marking products in North America with distributors around the globe.

A good product at a fair price... Carmel's simple motto. After 35 years of continuous innovation we have developed superior quality marking products. We invite you to discuss your needs with one of our sales representatives.

We manufacture various types of chalks, pencils, crayons, pens, markers, and other fabric marking products:

Superglide superjumbo E-Z supergrip everlast wacke , triangle clay square clay powder wheel textile mill school perfection tailoring permanent, textile marker dress skirt shirt jean marking, quilters pencil fabric quilter markers taylor wax disappearing autovanishing pattern water erasable pens.

And wash out cloth glow ink pink purple violet blue felt triple felt strength regular ware light weight adhesive pattern paper washout, vanishing water erasable silver pens leather boil out valve hidden big jay jason skirt mill chalk wheels.

As well as blackboard C PMC disappearing pens and perforated sharpener chalks holders fluorescent tailor pencils and markers washout, stamping powder Glo tips button hole, tips dual tip, beeswax cakes C 3001 C 3050 C 242 master chalk all-purpose wash off Big Giant, extra strength, slow, quick, white, denim touch up felt laundry and dry cleaning maxi marker the pointe sharpeners modern colonial chalk and tsavorite gems marking clay.